My first book, Quivering Families: The Quiverfull Movement and Evangelical Theology of the Family, was published by Fortress Press in May 2018. It is available from all major booksellers. Quivering Families explores the Quiverfull subculture in American evangelicalism and reflect theologically on their lived religion. You can read a two-part interview about the book here and here

My work has also appeared in scholarly journals, including Ecclesial Practices, New Blackfriars, Baptist History & Heritage, Faith & Mission, and Criswell Theological Review. I have also written book chapters on topics as diverse as feminism, the gender of God, the New Testament books of Colossians and Revelation, and the practice of motherhood in the American Quiverfull movement.

Currently, I have a couple of research projects in the works, both of which pertain to the lived religion of Christian families and households. I also write periodically online. You can read some recent posts below: